2019 waec Data Processing objective & theory answers


Data OBJ:

(Answer Three(3) Questions)

Teleconferencing is the use of telecommunication devices to hold discussions between participants in different locations.

(i) For cash withdrawals
(ii) For deposits
(iii) For transfer of funds

Modem transmits digital data over communication lines. The conversion of the signals to/from analog to digital is the main purpose of a modem.
(i) Electronic Mails
(ii) Telephone messages

(i) They might have been experiencing difficulties in resource Sharing
(ii) They might have lost some crucial data, so they want to connect it for Data Protection and Redundancy
(iii) Ease of Administration
(iv) To maintain complex internal communications systems

(i) Modem
(ii) Network Router
(iii) Network Hub
(iv) Network Switch

(i) Modem – It modulates and demodulates the signal between the digital data of a computer and the analog signal of a telephone line.
(ii) Network Router – This is responsible for routing traffic from one to another network.
(iii) Network Hub – This is used to connect multiple network hosts also for data transfer.
(iv) Network Switch – It helps in filter and forwarding of data

Entities: are usually recognizable concepts, either concrete or abstract, such as person, places, things, or events which have relevance to the database
attribute: refers to a database component, such a table. It also may refer to a database field. In other words Attributes describe the instances in the row of a database.
relationships is a common type of database whose data is stored in tables.

Cardinality refers to the uniqueness of data values contained in a column. In other words High cardinality means that the column contains a large percentage of totally unique values and Low cardinality means that the column contains a lot of “repeats” in its data range.
(i)one-to-one (1:1)
(ii)one-to-many (1:M)
(iii)many-to-many (M:N)

(Answer Two(2) Questions)


(I)CD-ROM technology
(II)It switch on the CPU
(III)Carefully store in a cool dry place

P – It display video and graphical information generated by the computer graphics adaptor, allowing the use to interact with the computer
Q – It carries out the instructions of a computer program
R – It is to position a cursor on a computer screen
S – It is used to input characters and functions into the computer
T – It converts digital signals generated by the computer into analog signals which can be transmitted over a telephone or cable line and transforms incoming analog signals into their digital equivalent

Locate on the tool bar/box and select a circle tool “O” then move the mouse to the portable/workmen and click down the left button on the mouse and drag out to your desire shape
Select the text tool from the tool bar/box “A” and place the cursor on the portable area and type the word “Happy Birthday ” ,then curve it using the curve tool form tool bar/box around the circular shape
To change the color of the caption to green :
Select the caption on the work area “Happy birthday ” and choose green color

Highlight the table created containing the values presented and select the bar chart icon and select the bar and instantly this transform to the bar chart

-Column: Click the column before the particular space you wish to add another column and right click then select insert from the drop down menu and click on column either to top or down
-Row: Click the row before the particular space you wish to add another row and right click, then select insert form the drop down menu and select row either to the right or left

Click the document you wish to add page button to.
Go to the design tab on the menu bar on the page background select page borders and click on the page border tab select the desire design and choose a color select the width drop down arrow and choose a line width and click OK to apply the line border

Highlight the text “Waec Exam”. Select Hyperlink from the menu bar as this will open the insert hyper link windows, type the In the web page address or website address


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